Engineering solutions

All engineering networks, internal and external, are developed using BIM, a method that significantly reduces the time spent on design and lowers the risk of discrepancies in the project.

We have all the required resources at our disposal: specialists, technology, and equipment. Our professional approach allows us to find optimal solutions for projects of any complexity.

Project participants are in constant communication with each other through a unified work service. This allows for quick decision-making, coordination of even the smallest details, and resolution of any clashes that arise in the shortest possible time.
External and on-site networks
Low-voltage networks (Communication networks), Security systems, Alert system, and firefighting alarm. Automation and dispatching of all processes
Gas fire suppression systems, internal firefighting water supply
Heating, heat supply, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Individual heating substation, process automation
Lighting control systems, Smart Home, Process automation
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